Journey Tribute Trial by Fire@The Blind Tiger Greensboro NC

The Blind Tiger, 1819 Spring Garden St , Greensboro, North Carolina 27403

Join us at our new home in Greensboro!

Join Journey Tribute Trial by Fire for its return to the Blind Tiger Greensboro NC In the past we have been known for doing FREE SHOWS at the CDEC and because we want ALL Y'ALL to come see us in our new Greensboro home, Ok my friends here is the process to use to get your free tickets for this show. First go to this link. Next select the number of tickets you want. Then in the space that says PROMO CODE type the word Fire (capital F, lower case ire)this code will make your tickets FREE!! ***Please note it will not make the VIP parking free, if you choose this option. Let me know if you have any problems!!