Journey Tribute Trial by Fire@First Friday Roanoke Va

First Friday in Roanoke VA, 106 Franklin Rd SE, Roanoke VA

Admission is $10.00, and you must have a proper I.D. First Fridays is a 21 and older event. Beer and wine are on sale for $5.00 a piece. Please note that we do not allow pets, weapons, tents, umbrellas, or outside food or beverages.

An evening full of good music, fun, AND the satisfaction of supporting local charities! A beautiful outdoor venue is yours to enjoy while networking with peers, meeting new people, or spending time with friends! Live music provides great entertainment and we have various partnerships providing a selection of adult beverages to choose from. Each event features a new Craft Brewery or Cidery so look for new beer to check out! Yes - we have a food truck on site!

First Fridays at Five was established by Barry Simmerman and Richard Beard as a way for young professionals to meet. The first event took place on August 4, 1989. 850 party goers were in attendance and in our first year, 4 charities received $1,350. In 1990, we incorporated, elected an 11-member board and expanded the season from April through October. It was clear, we were a s-u-c-c-e-s-s!